Classic Tabletop Leg Sets

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Classic Tabletop Extra Leg Sets

You can ADD additional Legs Sets to your existing Tabletop.

200 Legs BOLT onto the sides of the ramp and can remain in position at all times

350 - 500 - 650 Legs are attached using Hinges so the legs FOLD out of the way when not in use! Simply Strap UP the legs you don't want and Unstrap the legs you do want!

On the Tabletop Sides there are 3 Leg Positions - One at Either End and One in the Middle. It is possible to configure you Tabletop with ALL the Legs sets mounted at once. However, the STRONGEST, MOST STABLE configuration is to mount the legs at each end. So you may decide to place the most used size of legs at each end and the least used in the middle.


IF you use the Tabletop UNSUPPORTED at the end utilising a mid point Leg position leverage is HIGH and the Tabletop is WEAKER. In this situation you MUST NEVER land onto the projecting end of the Tabletop. But you CAN use it as a Drop Off because there is no impact force / dynamic loading from above. You CAN HOOK the end of the projecting Tabletop to a Landing ramp which will Strengthen and Stabilise the Structure.

In all cases you MUST use the Joining Blocks IN THE CORRECT POSITION UNDER THE DECKS to secure TWO Tabletops Together as a DOUBLE.

If you need help or advice Contact Sender Ramps USA.


You will need a drill driver - 4 mm Drill Bit - TX Torq 25 Driver bit - Pozi 2 Driver bit and 2 x Quick Clamps are useful. It will take 1.5 hr to complete assembly.


The tolerances in the Legs Sets where they join the supports is small. If components get wet the wood can swell and jam. Simply dry the ramps and Legs inside. A rubber mallet will help you TAP components apart if they are jammed to allow them to dry apart. We recommend using the same Timber Protector as for ramps but this can increase friction between parts. A file wrapped in sand paper will quickly enlarge the slots and make operation easy! Take care of your ramps and they will last a lifetime! If you are a Coach Prior - Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance... Look after your PRO KIT for immediate and hassle free operation ;)

Grease and Silicone spray T Nuts and Bolts for pain free operation.

ALWAYS Visually and Manually CHECK COMPONENTS FOR WEAR / TEAR / FUNCTION before use!

Classic Tabletop Leg Sets
Classic Tabletop Leg Sets
Classic Tabletop Leg Sets
Classic Tabletop Leg Sets
Classic Tabletop Leg Sets
Classic Tabletop Leg Sets