Balance Board

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  • Multi-point resistance band station.
  • Multi-directonal and Gyrational balance board.
  • Bike sport specific with flat pedal positions
  • Multiple marked positions for hands and feet.
  • Rehabilitation component ready
  • Rubber Coated Roller and Wooden Training Ball

The benefits of using balance boards are tried and tested. Red Bull - Kate Courtney, Nino Schurter and other top athletes frequently include this form of training because of it's effectiveness. SENDER always look to improve and innovate new training and coaching equipment to improve its function and the BALANCE BOARD was screaming for an UPGRADE.

We have designed the first ever Bike Specific Multi Axis Training Board. Guide rails allow you to roll left and right - forward and back with security on safety stops. When training you can quickly increase difficulty by using the ball. 

Especially important and relevant for riders is the ability to practice and train with feet in the Neutral Dominant OR Switch foot position using the pedal markers. We have used a standard 175 mm crank arm to locate our indicative pedal markers. 

If you want a monster upper body blow out you can complete sets of push ups or plank using the marked hand positions whilst fighting the rollers or ball.

Increase training intensity and challenge by attaching resistance bands and completing creative exercises that offer effective workouts. Using a handlebar attached to the front of the board for a fun but brutal session.

The board has multiple resistance band attachment points making it ideal for floor workouts with greater safety. Just stand on the board which creates a secure anchor point at floor level without using the ball or rollers.


COMING SOON - We have provided fixing points for HALF SPHERE Rehab Components which you will be able to BOLT to your board. These  can be mounted as a pair or singularly placed centrally to create more controllable and predictable wobble. This predictability and reduced movement is much more suited to recovery from injury.


Our PRO Balance Board is manufactured from 18 mm BIRCH CORE PHENOLIC PLYWOOD for HEAVY USE and ABUSE. 


Approx 600 x 600 x 36 mm (Not Including the 40 mm Timber Roller)

Approx Weight 4 kgs


  • 1 x Large Wooden Roller with RUBBER GRIP COVER
  • 1 x Wood Ball 
  • 1 x Sender Balance Board


The wooden roller is manufactured from machined timber. As with all timber they can "shake" and cracks can appear as they dry out "acclimate". This is cosmetic, normal and to be expected. 


If you fall off the Board it may result in damage to property, equipment and injury to yourself or spectators. Always choose a location with plenty of clear space all around and make sure the Balance Board is placed flat and all components secure and in good working order before use. We recommend using it on carpet or a soft mat first to reduce the rolling speed until you are confident in how it reacts.


Products may vary slightly in shape / size and colour from images. Changes may be made without warning. Please contact Sender USA if you need help, advice or clarity on product selection.

Balance Board
Balance Board
Balance Board
Balance Board
Balance Board
Balance Board
Balance Board
Balance Board