200 Classic Curved Ramp

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Sender 200 Classic Curved Ramp




The 200 Curved has a sweet curved take off perfect for beginners but equally as important for Senders looking to improve and refine jumping skills. Advanced Riders should be able to Huck High and Far on the 200 or increase skills and difficulty by stepping up to land on a higher Tabletop or land down a 350 or 500 Straight Ramp. 

The 200 Ramp is an ideal safety feature when placed behind a 350 Ramp OR at the end of a 350 Tabletop Drop Off to reduce the height difference. This reduces the chance of a chain ring hang up and an OTB (Over the Bars)!

The 200 is super portable and can easily be thrown in the back of your vehicle for jump sessions away from home.


Yes - No Problem

Our 200 Curved Ramp bolts onto or works with other Sender features:

  • The Wedge (Half Size Tabletop) 
  • TableTop (Full size Tabletop) 
  • Pump Roller - 
  • Balance Beam for Roll on - Roll Off 


You will need a drill driver - 4 mm Drill Bit - TX Torq 25 Driver bit - Pozi 2 Driver bit and 2 x Quick Clamps are useful. It will take 1 hr to complete assembly.


  • Peg points on leading edge of ramp to prevent movement
  • 2 Bolt points for hooking and securing features
  • Strap points for carrying on back
  • We use super strong 13 layer - 18 mm Birch Plywood for the Substructure and Surfaces are 18 mm Birch Core Phenolic for added grip and durability
  • Stainless Steel Fixing Screws
  • Approx Size Unfolded 600 Wide x 650 Long x 200 High
  • Approx Weight 7 kgs


DO NOT use Varnish and DO NOT coat Brown Phenolic surfaces. A Low VOC Natural coloured Water Based Decking / Timber Protector will greatly prolong the life of your Sender products if applied to the Birch plywood faces and the cut edges / routered text of the Brown Phenolic Surfaces. You should always store Sender Products inside when not in use. Grease bolts and silicone spray T Nut fixings.


Jumping can go wrong very quickly and lead to serious life threatening injuries or death. Always progress up ramp sizes as you grow your experience and confidence but nothing can rule out an accident. Wear a Full face helmet, Gloves, Knee and Elbow Pads plus Eyewear as a minimum. A neck brace is also an advisable piece of PPE as you attempt bigger jumps . A crash will result in damage to property, equipment and potentially other riders. Always choose a location with plenty of clear run in - run out space and make sure ramps and features are placed flat and all components checked to be secure and in good working order before use. 


Products may vary slightly in shape / size and colour from images. Changes may be made without warning. Please contact Sender USA if you need help, advice or clarity on product selection.

200 Classic Curved Ramp