500 CORE Curved

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Our new CORE RANGE of ramps takes futuristic design and function to the next level. They build on the success of our CLASSIC Range. They are designed to be strong and durable, yet compact. You can unfold them ready for Jumping from Compact or Super Compact mode in minutes. They fit in our Robust colour coded (optional) Carry Bags / Rucksacks. BLUE - 200 - RED - 350 - BLACK - 500

An optional SKATEPLATE instantly makes your ramp suitable for Skateboards and Scooters. SENDER SKATE PLATE product! The Skate Plate is a Durable and Rigid 1.5 mm adjustable Galvanised Steel Plate! NO WEAK PLYWOOD EDGE! Buy a plate with your ramp or RETRO FIT in minutes later.

Each Core Ramp is fixed in height with a small amount of terrain adjustment. The number describes the height in mm. Our 500 mm High, 600 mm Wide Curved Ramp has a Mellow / Sweet 1500 mm long CURVED transition. Perfect for progressing onto bigger tricks, jumps and drops. It is an excellent size and transition for practicing and coaching bigger jumping skills and techniques beyond trail centre sized height and distance and onto Bikepark / Dirt Jump sized features.

It is important to learn to jump off Straight and Curved Ramps but it is better / easier to hit the sweet spot and land on a STRAIGHT Ramp.

The Core 500 is ideally suited to work WITH an EXPERT Progression Ramp.

INSTANTLY INCREASE THE LENGTH OF TRANSITION AND HEIGHT of your ramp with the SENDER EXTENDER! Makes your 500 - 650 High! and 1825 mm long transition. CHECK OUT THE CORE 500 ULTIMATE RAMP SET. 

CORE Ramps will fit in your van, car, motorhome so you can take them on trips. Core ramps are fantastic for HEAVY DUTY Coach or Club use.

CORE RAMPS ARE PART OF OUR EXTENSIVE AND COMPREHENSIVE MODULAR SYSTEM. Easily Mount Ramps onto Components and Features such as our Pump Roller / Compression Roller and Tabletop to create realistic TRAIL Scenarios.


Our ASSEMBLY CHARGE covers the time to build your ramp AND additional CUSTOM packaging time and materials.


WEIGHT LIMIT: 150 kgs SWL - Dynamic Testing to 350 kgs!

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: You can buy our REFRESH KIT to replace and renew worn out components!

SCOOTER AND SKATEBOARD COMPATIBLE: YES - With the Bolt On "Skate Plate"! The SKATE PLATE does not come with the standard pack.

RIDERS, COACHES and CLUBS: The Perfect Ramp to SUPERSIZE your Jumping Skills - An excellent intermediate ramp with the option to extend to 650 mm HIGH !

SENDER SURFACE: A GRIPPY hard wearing RESIN Grid surface for all conditions

COACHING SURFACE: Please get in touch if you would like our PRO Coaching Surface added to your ramps - support@sender-ramps.com (0044) 07719 309214

WEIGHT: 18 kgs

BAG COLOUR / Material: Red - Heavy Duty Vinyl with Adjustable Straps. Optional.

STABILTY: Stable on grass, gravel or concrete due to shape and weight

MODE: Fixed Height

EXTENDER / ORBIT COMPATIBLE: Compatible with the EXTENDER but NOT compatible with the Orbit.

SECURE - Use our PEG points / holes on the front to prevent movement on grass.

SOLID - A ramp for LIFE - Construction from 18 mm (13 Layer) Birch plywood and Stainless Steel Fixings. NO ELASTIC! NO CHEAP FAR EASTERN / SHEATHING PLY!

MODULARCORE Range products work with other Sender Components at set Heights - 200 / 350 / 500 Check for compatability and select the correct leg lengths.

COMPACTEasy to move and carry once assembled in JUMP Mode. Folds quickly to fit in a car or van - Can be made VERY compact by unbolting and placing in our Ramp Bag.


LANDING RAMP: Not Essential - You can land this ramp to flat or a grass down slope

TRANSITION - 1500 mm Long

SENDER BUILD QUALITY: 18mm (13 Layer) Birch Plywood Sides with 18mm (13 Layer) Birch Core GRIP Phenolic Surface. Stainless Steel Fixings. BOMBPROOF.

    CUSTOM BRANDING : Add your Personal / Shop / Business IDENTITY! Contact: mike@sender-rampsusa.com with a Vector File / Logo and we will send you a custom quote for artwork and CNC Cutting your TRAINER.

    ASSEMBLED OR UNASSEMBLED: Save money by choosing to SELF Assemble your ramp OR Choose Assembled and we can do it for you! Self Assembly takes approx 1 hour with basic tools.

    RAMP FOR LIFE and PRODUCT CARE - Always Store and dry your ramp inside. Treat cut edges and plywood faces with a LOW VOC Natural Coloured water based decking protector such as Ronseal. Spray and grease bolts and fixings. Spare parts are available!

    USER WARNING / SAFETY: Jumping at any height is dangerous and can result in serious injury to yourself and others. ALWAYS wear a helmet, gloves and pads. Eyewear, a full face helmet and a neck brace are advisable. Always inspect your ramp for damage and secure ALL bolts before use. ALWAYS locate your ramp with good safe approach and exit. Landing on grass provides a more forgiving landing. If placed on concrete or tar ensure it does not slide. Start low, consolidate techniques and progress height with skill and confidence. 

    IMAGES - Please note that images are illustrative and the product may vary slightly from that advertised.

    500 CORE Curved
    500 CORE Curved
    500 CORE Curved
    500 CORE Curved
    500 CORE Curved
    500 CORE Curved